Admerix was founded by localization industry veterans who are experienced at delivering excellent client experience. They understand the processes and pitfalls of managing complex, multi-language projects.

Admerix understands that the critical part of any complex project is not likely to be sourcing the cheapest translation rates. Success in modern localization depends on proper coordination of pre- and post-engineering, process design, and coordinating a scalable team to cope with tight deadlines and demanding clients.

There are still many companies that manage their localization activities through project managers based in expensive developed countries in Europe and North America. This means considerable expense as these people attempt to manage multiple linguists, engineers, and DTP operators from a high cost location.

Our project managers are native-English speaking Australian, British, and Americans with years of localization industry experience. They are in Asia and understand the special requirements of Asian-language localization. Their years of industry experience gives them the ability to anticipate problems and to risk manage your important projects so that there are no surprises.

Manage complex Asian language issues
Maintain a continuous flow of information and project updates
Organize desktop publishing (DTP)
requirements and schedules
Scope and quote new projects quickly and accurately
Develop workable project schedules to meet client demands
Solve project deviations during the course of production
Provide CMS and SaaS localization
Work with XML
Work with right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Farsi and Dari
Admerix does not charge any additional fees for its project management service.


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