Just when clients want personalized and professional customer care, companies are cutting their project managers and turning to automation to reduce costs.

More and more clients are willing to try out new vendors and thus all client interaction needs to add value and be seen as distinctive. However, most companies are focusing on ISO certification and third-party on-line process automation systems--both of which do not make you more distinct to a client, but more ordinary.

We have studied these trends to understand what is really going on inside companies and how they can succeed in the new year.


ISO and Quality Checklists
Have all your ISO checklists, quality assurance paperwork, and endless meetings resulted in no increase in quality?

Are your company salesmen still uncompromising when problems arise which results in more checklists and time-wasting meetings? Are customers just as demanding as they ever were?

Project Manager Turnover
How many initially enthusiastic project managers did your clients burn out this year? Are your new project manager hires getting younger and more inexperienced?
Late Nights
Does being a project manager mean you work all night? Does being a project manager mean that you can never leave work on time on a Friday?

Last minute changes, crazy client demands, salesperson demands, technical challenges are an inevitable part of every project.

The measure of a language supplier is not a guarantee that problems will never occur, but the confidence that a competent team of industry vets are tackling these problems when they arise. This is our job.

We give you feedback on your client queries and requests that you can provide as your own observations to your team and clients.

When we evaluate a quote, we rationally explain what is and is not possible.

We want you to know that we are staying up late anticipating, solving, and achieving success on every one of your important projects.

Success in a hyper-competitive time is all about differentiating your services to clients and provide the tools your sales needs to create a consultative relationship with clients. It means having a flexible production back-end that delivers what you promise and exhibits real localization industry expertise.

Engaging with a hands-on team of localization experts as your production back-end is the way to go. Contrast this with the rest of the industry that scrambles for "me-too" solutions that make companies look more generic and do not add value.

As you ask yourself how you can add value and a sense of personalized service, you can probably tell that we at Admerix are thinking about the industry and what's in store in the future. We wanted our year-end message not to be about us, but about the challenges you are facing.

Why not contract us for an evaluation on your next project? It is time to be aggressive and benefit from this competitive atmosphere in localization. Admerix will help you reach your company goals this year.



















Distinguishing Your Company
How much money and effort has been spent on computerized "systems" in an effort to reduce the necessity of hiring and training people?

Does buying into xpensive on-line systems and more ISO bureaucracy distinguish you to your clients or make you seem like one of the pack?

The Conflict in Your Company
Are you making promises to clients that your production can’t produce? Are your salespeople at war with production? Are top people in the company having to wade in an repair client relations after the damage is done?

Online Systems
Are you clients impressed with having to log on to a system to submit and manage projects OR would they appreciate personal attention from real industry experts?
Admerix will help you meet your strategic goals.

By all means, continue to tout automation and ISO certification to clients who are impressed by these things. These exist only as marketing fodder for the uninformed. None of these will distinguish you or add value.

Whether you are expanding services to new and existing clients, increasing productivity and efficiency, or ensuring client retention, Admerix is a key partner in a hyper competitive industry.

Grow your market and scope of services without investing in expensive resources in your expensive home country—but with the feedback from industry veterans providing value for your clients.

Get the insight that your salespeople need to be able to confidently consult with clients and let them know what is, and what is not, possible.

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