Together we have a shared mission this year: fewer client complaints, lowered direct labor costs, and increased market share.

The localization industry has been struggling with metrics, ISO standards, and vendor management to improve profits, but bureaucracy has very little impact on the ground when projects are being done. What is really missing is the expertise of industry veteran project managers at freelance prices.

Admerix veteran localization project managers increase customer quality while reducing your labor costs. Admerix makes you more competitive in a competitive landscape.



“We reduced our in-house project management costs by nearly 50% while maintaining experienced project managers on our projects...”
“ one is better at Asian language work than Admerix."
“We reduced our in-house project management costs by nearly 50% while maintaining experienced project managers on our projects...”
Increased client satisfaction
Faster turnaround times
Volume discounts
Experienced CAT-tool capable linguists on your projects
Native-English speaking project managers coordinating and communicating at every step of the production

We allow you to focus on selling multiple-language projects with the confidence of knowing you have the support of Admerix project managers. They speak the business language of the client as well as provide industry best practices for localization.

Faster turnaround times
Admerix is there 24/7. Your project challenges are being solved while you sleep.
Benefit from computer-aided translation technologies
Admerix is the localization industry’s premier post-machine translation editing solution
Utilize subject specialists and CAT-tool capable linguists
ERP/CRM, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemical info sheet, patents, and technical
Increase client satisfaction
Build the all-important trust with your end client that is key to the relationship.
Sell languages and volumes other companies cannot handle
Admerix is also one of the few companies that can complete large-scale projects in Khmer, Burmese, Lao, Farsi, Dari, Urdu, and Arabic (including DTP and layout).
Feel confident with industry veteran project managers
Outsource your project management and reduce direct labor costs



















Localization best practices may not be right for every business
Beware of companies invested heavily in online systems that attempt to force clients into a factory like, repeatable process...
Starting your own localization company
Succeed in your new business with Admerix as your production backend...
Struggling with ISO, QA and Project Management Issues
Solve quality problems with the application of industry veteran project management...
Who is really working on your projects?
Connect directly to industry professionals who are actually completing your project...
Why not let us quote your next project?
Our industry veteran project managers would be happy to demonstrate how they can solve your production challenges.
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